It is a pleasure and priviledge to note my indebtedness to many friend and colleagues who in various ways contributed to the adventures recounted in the running text. I am eternally grateful to them for their help, support and friendship.

Jean, my wife, was a faithful participant in many of the episodes recounted here. She has always been patient, understanding and helpful, and a substantial contributor to the task at hand. Her diaries have added much to the content and to the sequencing of events.

Several colleagues and family members have made helpful suggestions, always to improvements in the text. Notable among these were Sarah Stanbury Smith, Basil Hetzel, Lisa Farber and Peter Scott.

The late Professor Henri Vis of The Free University of Brussels provided guidance through the minefield of the Congolese bureaucracy. Francois Delange and Andre Ernans led the scientific enterprise on Idjwi Island, and in the same region Michael Carael enabled the film project under difficult conditions.

Most importantly, I want to thank Dr. Chandra Pandav and Smita Pandav for their invaluable assistance in bringing the task of publication to fruition. Dr. Pandav and his team in Delhi made it possible for the book to be in your hands. He and his team in Delhi has my gratitude.

John B. Stanbury
Isle au Haut, Maine, 2008

(See also the book's Overview, Table of Contents and Preface)