"The Iodine Trail: Exploring Iodine Deficinecy and its Prevention around the World"

The Iodine Trail takes the reader from from Dr. Stanbury's early days at his research laboratory at the Massachusetts General Hospital to his groundbreaking observations of the impact on man of iodine deficiency in Mendoza, Argentina. The book recounts his medical research and travels across South America, adventures in the Sahara, and studies in Central Africa, Thailand, across India, China, New Guinea and beyond. Along the way he encountered a series of unexpected challenges, from tropical infections to wild animals, and was often accompanied as a colleague by his wife, Jean.

Part medical history, part travelogue, The Iodine Trail details Dr. Stanbury's scientific contributions at the molecular, cellular community and global levels and captures his exciting spirit of exploration. The many lessons learned on his remarkable journey are still relevant and inspiring for generations of doctors, scientists, and interested armchair travellers today.

Printed by Oxford University Press and published by Farber Public Relations, The Iodine Trail: Exploring Iodine Deficiency and its Prevention around the World by Dr. John B. Stanbury, with an introduction by Leslie J. DeGroot, is available in hardcover (202 pp., b&w photographs) for $29.95 USD plus shipping.

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