Reviews of "The Iodine Trail"

"John Stanbury's life completely encompasses the 20th century unraveling of the story of world wide iodine deficiency, its tragic consequences, and its preventability. This remarkable small book offers an educational and entertaining look into that life-work." - Leslie J. DeGroot, MD  

  "The book is good reading for non-specialists as well as specialists. The former may appreciate an easy introduction into the field not overloaded with scientific data; IDD specialists, on the other hand, will enjoy the account of the functioning of the network of IDD scientists, many of whom they know personally." - IDD Newsletter, May 2008 (Volume 27, Number 2)  

  "Stanbury tells a fascinating story, presented as an entertaining and educational travelogue. Anyone with access to this volume will enjoy reading it and come away with a good understanding of this critically important global health problem affecting the cognitive capacity of populations." - Food and Nutrition Bulletin  

  "Valuable addition to the history of the subject." - Basil Hetzel, M.D., Executive Director, ICC-IDD Emeritus, Adelaide, Australia  

  "Captures the author's personal role in the identification and conquest of iodine deficiency and the global campaign for its elimination." - Nevin Scrimshaw, M.D., Professor Emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  

  "A fascinating account of the author's personal odyssey beginning in South America and finishing as a world effort to eliminate the iodine deficiency disorders." - G.N. Burrow, M.D., Professor of Medicine, Yale University  

  "History of half a century of research on iodine deficiency, goiter and cretinism by the leader of the field during this period." - J.E. Dumont, Professor Universite Libre de Bruxelles